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An installation on bathroom tiles where drawings make visceral vignettes, showing moments ranging from giving birth to getting booked.  A shape-shifting protagonist emerges from the tiles. She morphs in time and race and limps along at odds with expectations but at one with viscera. 

"Here I Sit, Brokenhearted" is about the ill fit of the body and how our most private moments can play out in the public sphere.  

These little paintings are on Benjamin Moore paint swatches.  I love how the titles, inventions of a marketing team, suggest our consumer aspirations while the paintings depict frailty, sagging and anxiety.

This  series questions why women, who have been under the microscope throughout  the history of art, are left undepicted when giving birth. It is a rich vein, filled with drama, questions of identity, and sexuality.  It sticks a finger in the eye of the male gaze and sexualized depictions of women.

Portraits are available on commission.  Please feel free to contact me to learn more.  

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